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How to determine the bailiff’s debt?

Every person at least once in their lives got into debt. If the amounts are small, you can still remember. But when money needs to be returned to several authorities at once, confusion can begin.

If time does not pay out debt, then in the most unexpected moment can get out. For example, at check-in, it turned out that the bank wrote a claim to you and won the process. How to determine the debt from bailiffs?

Who can not go abroad?


In the article. 67 of the Act on the Enforcement of Judicial Procedure, it is said that persons in default of maintenance, loans, taxes, fines, and payments for services who have delayed the refund for no good reason may be entered in the GFIC database. Based on these data, they will be limited to leaving the Russian Federation.

However, a separate court decision is not required. For SP, a tax authority’s order to recover claims is itself an executive document. Based on this information can be entered into the GFIC database. Therefore, it is worth knowing in advance debt from executors.

In addition, the grounds for excitement enforcement procedure may be any administrative violation: non-refundable tax, traffic police, border, veterinary services, customs, labor inspection.

Any fine must be paid within 30 days

Any fine must be paid within 30 days of the date on which the provision becomes effective (Article 32.2 of the Code of

Administrative Procedure). You should then submit payment confirmation documents to the issuing authority.

If this is not the case, all materials will be sent to the bailiff. Until now, you can safely travel abroad. And in order not to worry about it at all, it is worth knowing in advance the debt of court executors.



After the decision, the borrower may have days to voluntarily repay the debt. This right is stated in the document itself. If the answer is not followed, then the executive service can accept debt recovery, for example, seize property.

If the debt is not repaid voluntarily, the offender is not entitled to travel outside the country. However, if enforcement measures are taken, such a ban is not always legal.

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